United Christian College (UCC) collect and hold personal information of individuals for various purposes. UCC are committed to meeting internationally recognized standards of personal data privacy protection, in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. In doing so, it will be ensured that UCC staff and any parties who are assigned by UCC to handle the information will comply with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality.

UCC may also disclose some of the data to third parties such as agencies (including the Hong Kong government), service providers and contractors (whether within or outside Hong Kong) appointed by UCC to undertake some of its academic, pastoral and administrative and alumni functions. Otherwise set out above, UCC will not disclose any personal data to any third parties without prior written consent.

Under the Ordinance, users have the right to request access to and correction of their personal data held. Should you wish to access or correct your personal information held by UCC, please send your request by email to ucc-mail@ucc.edu.hk.

There are four general categories and use of personal data held by UCC:

1.     Student information, which includes information supplied by students / parents and is collected in connection with student applications, student records, former students, contacts and communications activities undertaking by or on behalf of UCC. Student records are kept for purposes that include corresponding with, responding to and taking follow-up actions in respect of students, contacts, communications and alumni activities.

2.     Personnel information, which includes personal particulars, job descriptions, details of compensation and benefits, performance appraisals, references and disciplinary matters relating to job applicants, employees and former employees of UCC. Personnel records of employees are kept for human resource management purposes, relating to such matters as employees’ terms of employment, performance appraisal, providing references, professional development, discipline and termination.

3.     Other records, which include administration and other files, containing personal data provided to UCC by individuals for purposes other than those connected with students, contacts, communications or employment.   Other records are kept to enable UCC to carry out various functions and activities which vary according to the nature of the purpose for which such records are to be used, including the administration of UCC’s functions and activities, seeking advice on operational matters, undertaking communications and training activities organised by, or on behalf of, UCC, including the acquisition of services and handling of enquiries from members of the public.

4.    Direct Marketing and Promotional Materials: from time to time UCC may use the parent or guardian’s personal data (such as your name and contact details) to send information related to UCC activities, products or services that are relevant to parents and students and could be viewed as direct marketing under recent Hong Kong legislation. For example, this could include (but is not limited to) information relating to extra-curricular activities, school shows/concerts/fairs, after school clubs or the sale of items in UCC. We are required by law to give you the opportunity not to receive this information. The opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of receiving such information takes place when parent(s) login into eClass. Please keep in mind that by opting out of receiving this information, you or your son or daughter may miss important information related to school activities that may affect his or her participation in the school community.

General Personal Information Collection Statement: From time to time, as part of UCC’s operations, personal data may be collected with the following statement appended to the collection: The information submitted on this form is being collected in accordance with the UCC Personal Data Handling Policy and its related Personal Information Collection Statements (“PICS”). 

If you have any queries about our policy and practices, please write to ucc-mail@ucc.edu.hk.

This privacy policy statement has been translated into Chinese. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.






1.     學生資料,包括由學生/家長提供的資料,乃就學生申請、學生紀錄、舊生、由或代表滙基書院進行的聯繫及通訊活動事宜而收集。持有學生紀錄的用途包括作為與學生聯繫及通訊活動有關的聯絡、回覆及跟進行動之用、傳訊及校友活動。

2.     人事資料,包括個人資料、職位描述、薪酬及福利詳情、表現評核、與職位申請人、滙基書院僱員及前僱員相關的推薦函及紀律事宜。僱員的人事紀錄乃為人力資源管理目的而持有,當中涉及僱員的聘用條款、表現評核、提供推薦函、事業發展、紀律及終止聘用等事宜。

3.     其他紀錄,包括行政及其他檔案,當中載有個人就有關學生、聯繫、通訊或僱傭以外的目的而向滙基書院提供的個人資料。持有其他紀錄乃使滙基書院可進行不同項目及活動,項目及活動可因有關紀錄將用作的用途之性質而異,包括管理滙基書院的項目及活動、就營運事宜尋求建議、進行通訊及開展由或代表滙基書院舉辦的培訓活動(包括獲取服務及處理公眾查詢)。

4。  直接銷售和宣傳資料:滙基書院可能會時而使用父母或監護人的個人資料(如您的姓名和聯繫方式)發送有關學校/ 家長教師會活動、產品或服務的有關資訊。根據現時香港法例,這些有關家長和學生的資訊可以被視為直接銷售。例如,這可能包括(但不限於)課外活動、學校表演/音樂會/賣物會、課餘活動或家長教師會的銷售項目的有關信息。按法律規定,我們需要給您選擇不接收這些資訊的機會。家長登錄eClass系統的時候可以選擇是否接收這些資訊。請緊記,通過選擇不接收這些資訊,你或你的兒子或女兒可能會錯過關於學校活動的重要資訊。這可能會影響到他或她對學校活動的參與。