S.2 Spelling Bee

The S.2 Spelling Bee took place with the participation of 20 students on 14 May.

The activity saw a great atmosphere as teachers and classmates cheered for the contestants. Congratulations to Dorothy Chu from 2D for winning 1st place, with Percy Fong and Jacky Ho awarded the 2nd and 3rd place respectively. And well done to all the contestants. 
2A Felix Lau, Hilary Pun, Anson Wei, Angel Yang
2B Venus Cheung, Abigail Chu, Steven Kwok, Amy So 
2C Kingsley Sin, Alina Cheng, Ken Ye, Jacky Yip, Angela Yip
2D Dorothy Chu, Jasper Cheung, Callie Zhong, Percy Fong, Jacky Ho, Ben Muk