Students visited Bank of America to learn from Banking and Financial Experts

A group of S.6 students visited the Hong Kong headquarters of Bank of America (BoA) in Central for an English expedition on 16 March 2023.

Students started the day by listening to an opening address by Mr Patrick Law, Head of Asia Trading, who shared an inspiring success story of his journey from a born and bred ordinary Hong Konger to an international financial and banking expert, followed by an introductory talk on banking by Ms Jennifer Wong.

Students were then divided into groups where they had an interactive session sharing their ‘vision map’ and learned about resume writing using the VASK model under the guidance of Ms Joanne Wong, Senior Vice President, Global Mobility – Global HR of BoA, and staff from Generation Hong Kong. They also had the opportunity to tour around the trading floor to see business in live action.

The day finished with a networking lunch where students received valuable advice as they met and interacted with industry professionals. Mike Lee of 6C gave a heartfelt thank you message on behalf of the school.

“It was absolutely an eye-opening experience. Not only were we able to explore and understand more about banking, but we were totally inspired by all the BoA volunteers who were very friendly and encouraging, Their sharing definitely boosted our confidence in speaking English. We all enjoyed the programme a lot,” said Cherry So of 6D.

Mrs Cheryl Wong, the English Panel Head and lead teacher of the activity, commented, “It was delightful to see students being able to apply the things they have learned in the classroom to real-life situations. This [activity] also set a very good example to the students on how to incorporate English into their daily lives.”

“We are truly grateful to the Bank of America staff and our partner, Hope of the City, for organising such a valuable learning opportunity.”