Slowood Talks about Green Living with Students

為配合英語、地理和科學課程,中二級同學於 2022 年 10 月 31 日參加了一個關於綠色生活和環境保護的講座。

講座由 Slowood 主講 (Slowood 是一家提倡裸包裝的可持續和有機產品一站式商店),透過互動遊戲和問答環節,其代表向同學介紹造成浪費的主要原因,以及個人如何保護環境的可行方案。


In alignment with the English, Geography and Science curriculum, S2 students attended a talk about green living and environmental protection on 31 October 2022.

A representative from Slowood, a one-stop-shop for sustainable and organic products which promotes naked packaging, introduced students to the main causes of waste in Hong Kong and possible solutions that individuals can implement to help protect the environment through interactive games and Q&A sessions.

To raise awareness of the Earth’s needs as a global citizen, the S2 students will produce a piece of creative writing by applying ideas from the talk and relevant knowledge they learned in other subjects.