The Pros and Cons of preserving Ching Ming Festival

Author: Wong Yu Kun
Class: 3A

As we all know, Ching Ming Festival is an important day for showing respect to ancestors. During Ching Ming Festival, people always sweep the tomb, clean headstones, offer food and light incense. But in recent years, some things have changed. Some people don’t sweep the tombs during Ching Ming Festival, they choose to pray to their ancestors with the click of a mouse because they are too busy. In this essay, I’ll look at the pros and cons of preserving Ching Ming Festival.

The main advantage of preserving Ching Ming Festival is that it remembers and honours our ancestors. Without a doubt, our ancestors gave us life, so we must be filial to our ancestors. Ching Ming Festival is a good time for us to show our respect to ancestors, so we have to keep it.

Another argument in favour of preserving Ching Ming Festival is that families can enjoy the beginning of spring together. Because the family members are always busy, Ching Ming Festival becomes a good time to spend time with families as they can climb the mountain and have a nice trip. It gives family members the opportunity to strengthen family bonds.

From the above, it can be seen that there are clearly advantages to preserving Ching Ming Festival. However, an argument against Ching Ming Festival is that we can use more modern ways to remember our ancestors, such as online worshipping, which is quite convenient. We can buy all kinds of virtual offerings to honour our ancestors. Furthermore, it can reduce waste. We won’t buy real offerings, so it’s environmentally friendly.

Another drawback to preserving Ching Ming Festival is that it takes too much time. People are busy nowadays, so tomb-sweeping has become less possible. Furthermore, the graveyards are always far from the city, so it’s very inconvenient to go there.

In conclusion, there are both pros and cons to preserving Ching Ming Festival for future generations. However, I believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Sweeping the tomb shows our sincerity in worshipping our ancestors, it’s beyond the reach of online worshipping. Therefore, I think Ching Ming Festival should continue to be preserved.