Author: Tang Yu Hang
Class: 2B

In 2028, the marshal of North Korea, Kim Chong-un ordered to launch the first nuclear bomb onto the USA. That meant World War III began. After one week, the whole world had already launched 100 nuclear bombs. A lot of humans died and the earth was not suitable for living anymore, so some people got together and stole a huge spaceship from Kim Chong-un’s base. Then they went to the space in it.

During 20 years’ floating in the space, the humans reorganized their government and their society.

They ate grass for lunch and dinner. One day, the commander found an unidentified spaceship on the radar. He thought there might be some supply on it, so he sent a squad of 4 strong men there.

24 hours later, the squad leader reported, ‘Sir, there is a lot of food supply in the storage but there is a room which is locked up and the door sign says it is a weapon storage. Should we get in?’ The commander responded, ‘Carry on!’ They tried all ways to get in. For example, they picked the lock. They used explosive to explode the door open. They succeeded. They smelt a nasty smell. Suddenly three smelly aliens came out and the toxic gas from their bodies killed the squad.

Then the spaceship broke into parts and more aliens floated out. They were trying to get in the human spaceship. The commander ordered to defend the spaceship but he found his attack was useless. When he thought everyone would die, a crew member took a box to him and said, ‘Sir, I found a nuclear bomb. Maybe we can use it to drive away those monsters.’ Then the commander launched the bomb. Luckily, it diverted the aliens’ attention and all of them went to it. So the human spaceship had enough time to escape.