Sci fi writing -The Black Plastic Star

Author: Sze Wing Keung
Class: 2C

Run away!’ the captain of the spaceship screamed.

The black plastic star war was eroding the spaceship. Two of his teammates died. The spaceship was landing abruptly.

‘Where’re we?’ he got out of the spaceship and tried to balance himself.

He was panicking but trying to comfort his teammates. Suddenly he saw another spaceship heading aimlessly in all directions before crashing.

‘Anyone there?’ the captain demanded hurriedly.

‘Help! Help me!’, an astronaut in the newly-arrived spaceship shouted.

The captain looked for the astronauts and escorted them out of the spaceship.

‘I’m the captain of a spaceship. My name is Steven. How’re you?’ the captain said calmly.

‘My name is Ken. I was once a member of the Eli Forces. We accepted a mission to save a captain who disappeared with his spaceship two years ago. But when I approached the planet, my spaceship was out of control.’ Ken replied nervously.

‘What? Two years ago? I think you are looking for me, but I came here an hour ago. What happened?’ Steven felt uneasy.

‘I don’t know, but I think we should find a place to rest. Let’s go.’ Then they found a safe place to light a fire in a wintery afternoon.

Ken took out a ‘limitless fire’ from his ‘limitless bag’. When they lit a fire, it produced toxic gas.

‘We can’t light a fire. It creates poisonous gas.’ Ken uttered hastily.

They kept running to escape. Soon they stopped.

‘The mercury plunged even further. We can’t stay here too long,’ Steven ordered. Suddenly, another large spaceship appeared in the sky.

‘Hey! Look at that! It’s our savior.’ Ken yelled excitedly. After that, the spaceship stopped. There were many soldiers.

‘Who are you?’ the soldiers demanded a reply.

‘I’m the captain and he’s from Eli Forces,’ said Steven.

‘Sir, we are here to save you. Let’s board our spaceship.’ A soldier told them. ‘The planet you are just in is actually a planet that can control time. One hundred years has passed since your disappearance. We’re trying to save you and your planet so that we can study the Time Machine here.’

In the end, they returned to Earth but two hundred years had elapsed.