Problem-solution Essay

Author: Katie Ha Pui Kuen
Class: 4D

Dear Editor,

Nowadays, plastic waste has become a big issue in our society. The average daily amount of plastic waste in Hong Kong exceeds 2000 tons, more than 20 percentage of the city total waste. Plastic waste may affect the ecological system seriously. For example, the plastics in the sea get weathered and break down into micro-plastic debris which can deform the digestive systems of fish, ending up in the food chain, humans eat the seafood and their health is badly affected. After talking about the plastic waste problem, I would like to suggest three ways to solve the problem.

First of all, if I were the government, I would like to set targets and introduce a time-table to reduce single-use plastics. Therefore, the government should put forward a ‘levy scheme’ for plastic bags. The charges of the plastic bags should be $1 per plastic bag to encourage people to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. Also, the government should implement ‘Producer Responsibility Scheme’ to reduce plastic waste. The government should set targets like having ‘no plastic waste problem’ in ten years’ time so that we can eradicate the problem of plastic waste disposal.

Then, if I were the official of the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), I would like to make some commercial and promotional videos. In these videos, the EPD should inform the citizens about the gravity of the plastic waste issue, and provide some suggestions on solving the problem of plastic waste. For example, stop using plastic tableware, plastic bags and plastic straws Use wooden tableware, recycling bags and proper straws or without straws as an alternative to the non-reusable objects.

Lastly, I would like to suggest the schools to hold some lectures and carnivals to promote the concept of using non-plastic products in order to reduce the plastic waste. The schools can invite some guests to give a speech on plastic waste problem. For instance, the schools can invite some staff from EPD and singers and artists to be the guests of lectures and carnivals. It can make students more engaged in lectures. In the carnival, the students can learn to play some games on plastic waste reduction. Also, it can be more memorable for students to experience the need to reduce plastic waste through games.

The plastic waste issue is getting more serious. If we still did not take any actions to solve the problem, it would become unrecoverable. I hope it won’t be too late for us to find remedies to solve the problem!