My New Year’s Resolutions

Author: Norman Leung Ka Nok
Class: 1A

In the new year of 2018, I want to do better in the following aspects.

For friends, I always made my friends angry last year. It is because I always played tricks on them. I did not ask them before I borrowed their pens. Also, I once made my friends fall down on the floor when we were playing games. I will say sorry to them when I see them next time. Apart from this, I will not play tricks on them anymore and I will ask them before I borrow their pens. I want to have better relationship with them.

I also have problems with my health. I sometimes have stomachache. It is because I ate a lot of junk food. I drank too much iced tea and I ate much food from McDonald’s. I sometimes got sick. The solutions to the problem are that I will eat less junk food, drink more water and eat more healthy food in order to make myself healthy.

To conclude, I will try my best to have better relationship with my friends and make myself healthy in the new year.