My New Toy – The Dragon Weapon Set

Author: Samuel Cheng
Class: 1D

The new toy I have designed is called ‘The Dragon Weapon Set’. It is suitable for both boys and girls aged 13 or above. It is a construction toy.

It resembles the look of modern Japanese weapons- nunchaku, often called ”nunchuck” in English and the devil weapon, the scythe. The nunchuck consists of two primary colours, shiny metallic gold for the sticks while the eyes of the two dragon handles and the chain itself are blue. The scythe is mainly metallic gold and orange, and its blade is a dragon head breathing out fiery balls. The end of the handle is a dragon head with orange eyes. Both of them are made of wood.

You can use the nunchuck to play combat training with your friends or family members and maybe you could master the tool in a few days. The scythe is also used for combat training and you can also learn how to protect yourself. For example, if someone attacks you on the street, you only need a long stick and you’re ready to fight. You can also master another cool weapon and use these weapons for self-defense or role play.

The reason that I designed this toy is because weapons are cool and I like dragons, so I have combined weapons and dragons together.