My New Toy – Security robot

Author: Ng Ka Wai
Class: 1A

The new toy I have designed is called ‘Security Robot’. It is suitable for boys and girls ages 12 or above. It is a type of robot.

It looks like a robot. It consists of multiple colours including blue, black, red and white. It is made of iron and plastic.

When I feel lonely, my new toy can talk to me. I think it is a good toy. When I am in danger, its hand can fight with bad guys and safeguard my life. It can walk around and take me to the place I want when I say ‘take me to …’. Its eyes are like a camera, so it can record what people are doing. I think this function can help my parents see clearly what the maid is doing at home even when they are in the office. So I think this function is awesome. It can fly too because it has wings. Its nose has a switch button. If you want to turn on the robot, you just need to press the button. To turn it off, you also press its button again. It is very easy to control.

I chose to design this toy because it can protect me and ensure my safety. It can talk to me when I am lonely and it is a beautiful toy. I think it is an excellent design.