My New Toy – Model Remote Control Car

Author: Fung Kit
Class: 1B

My New Toy is Model remote control car. It is suitable for children aged between 8 and 18. The type of toy is models and car. This idea comes from Gundam models and a remote control car.

It looks very cool and it is small. You can put it in your bag, so playing this car will be very convenient. And it has a navigation system. You don’t have to worry about losing it. If you want to control this car, you just need to download an app. It has a camera for the users to control it as well. This toy is also useful for parents, as they can know where their children are and whether they are safe.

When you have bought this toy car, you have to follow the instructions to make it. First, you have to build a remote control car shell like Gundam models. then you can put the shell on the remote control car. Finally, you can play it on water and record the videos of the roads when it travels every day. This toy is also very helpful for photographers too because it can reduce the time for them to take photographs.

The reason I chose to design this toy is I like Gundam models and remote control car since I was seven years old. Therefore, when I have a chance to express what I like, I feel very joyful.