My New Toy – Anime Chess

Author: Kong Tsz Ching
Class: 1C

Anime Chess is a new toy for young girls and young boys. It is for children over the age of six. It is a beautiful thinking game that will help the children think and have fun.

Anime Chess looks like the anime. It is a chess set where the pieces are different anime characters. When you play, you can learn the different kinds of anime characters.

Anime Chess has different functions and features. One of the most special functions and features is when you push the chess button, it can change the look or style of the anime characters. When you win a piece, you can hear the sound the anime characters encouraging you! Another special function of the anime chess is the scenes can change automatically and it’s not the same every day!

I chose to design this toy because I think the chess game can help the children think, have fun and know other kinds of anime. I think the children will like this and have lots of fun!