Morning assembly speech by Student Union representative

Author: Sunny Nam Ho Sing
Class: 5D

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow students,

On behalf of the Student Union, I would like to welcome all of you to our school. I’m sure we all want to achieve success and have an enjoyable school life, so this morning I will give you some advice.

To begin with, there are two important aspects that you need to be aware of. They are quite effective in enriching your school life.

First of all, schools are like ‘mini communities’ and school rules are as important as laws. Similar to laws, school rules are something we need to respect and obey. Following school rules would actually bring us advantages while not following them will bring the opposite effects. Why is it imperative to comply with those strict and stubborn school rules? This might be the question you’re asking yourself now. The answer is that those rules could effectively guide you to academic success and positive personal growth. By meeting the requirements such as arriving at school on time and handing in homework before deadlines, you will learn to manage your time and cultivate a sense of responsibility. With those qualities, you will be able to overcome challenges like the busy test and homework schedule while enjoying the fun extra-curricular activities at your free time. You can also gain respect and recognition from peers and teachers, which can benefit you in pursing leadership in senior forms.

However, failing to follow school rules would bring negative consequences. Not only poor conduct ratings will be given to those who violate the rules, but also afterschool detention, exclusion, and suspension might apply to rule breakers. I believe no one wants to be punished and waste time on making up for mistakes that can be avoided.

Apart from school rules, there are also other important elements we need to be aware of, such as interpersonal relationships between our teachers and classmates. Imagine, what if you are the last person on earth? You would be lonely and sad, right? That’s exactly why we need interpersonal relationships. Surely, you would agree that we need to work with others in order to survive on this planet. School life works the same way. Developing interpersonal relationships allows us to have friends who bring support when we need help and company. They are extremely useful to cope with anxiety, fear and frustration before exams and deadlines. That is why most people comment that a secondary school friendship is one of life’s most precious asset. Therefore, you should make an effort to maintain good relationships with everyone around you.

Finally, I hope that you know how you can achieve success in your school life. My dear students, don’t be afraid to accept the challenge of following school rules. Step out of your comfort zone and greet the person sitting next to you! Thank you.