Making school life easier

Author: Isaac Yuen Cheuk Hang
Class: 3D

Dear Jackie,

Thank you for asking me about my opinion! I have some ideas for making school life easier and I hope my suggestions are useful. The following are my ideas of making school life easier.

First of all, I am a secondary 3 student and studying in 3D class. If you ask me if I have a lot of homework, I will say ‘Yes’. Every day we have a lot of homework and every week we have quizzes and dictations, so I feel like I cannot breathe. Also, I am under a lot of pressure, for instance, homework, exams and especially parents’ expectations. They want me to get a university degree, so they push me so hard.

To make life easier for students, I think there should be a special homework timetable, because that can make you finish your homework on time. It’s best to get yourself in the habit of doing homework and studying at the same time every day. Furthermore, I think if schools can provide more study areas, students will have motivation to do homework and study. Also, each day can have a special study lesson, which is the last lesson of the day. This can reduce the pressure from homework, because you can do homework in that lesson. Most significant to make school life easier is making friends, since friends can help support you when you are feeling stressed out by school and you can ask them about homework.

All the above are my opinions of making school life easier. I hope that it’s useful and you will accept it.

Best regards,