Letter to the school Principal – school policy on locker usage

Author: Jackie Chan Yuk Shan
Class: 5B

Topic: Currently, only a small number of students in your school have access to school lockers. As the chairperson of the Student Union of your school, you have collected the view of students from different classes on this issue. Write a letter to Ms Lee, your school Principal, to persuade her to change the policy on lockers.

Dear Miss Lee,

On behalf of the Student Union, I would like to propose a review of the school policy on lockers as only a small number of students in our school have access to school lockers. It has been felt by me, and my peers that revising the current locker policy is very necessary. By writing this letter, I hope to convince you that this is the case and we should begin negotiations on changing the policy on lockers.

First of all, let me illustrate the problems that the current locker policy has created. The majority of students feel that it is unfair that the policy only allows a small group of students to use lockers. It is unjust to the senior form students as only the junior form students are able to use the lockers. Therefore, senior form students have to bring their thick heavy textbooks back home and to school every single day. This situation can be avoided if each of us has access to lockers. Moreover, if students put all their books in their school bags, the bulky school bags will make the narrow corridors even more congested. It will increase the chance of causing conflicts as students might bump into each other and they may trip over the bags This may cause serious injuries to students and in fact all these can be avoided.

On top of the above problems, the current locker policy may also lead to students’ health problems. The negative impact is it hinders students’ physical growth. Students always carry heavy school bags, thus, extra pressure will put on their muscles and ligaments which undermines the growing spines of students. Students’ health should be of the top priority. Therefore, it is high time to make adaptation on our locker policy.

In the meantime, the root cause of students not having access to lockers is there are not sufficient lockers for all students. It is inconvenient to the senior form students as only the junior form students can have access to lockers. It also gives an impression that they have got the privilege of using the lockers. As the public examination is just round the corner, the senior form students should be given the first priority to use lockers. Therefore, changing the current locker policy is very crucial.

As you can see, the current locker policy has been creating a variety of problems. I hope to convince you to solve the problems as soon as possible. Please consider the points I have raised in this letter carefully. My fellow students and I look forward to hearing your response.

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Chan


Student Union