Is doing Virtual Sports better than doing Real Sports?

Author: Lyu Da Wei David
Class: 3A

Nowadays, there are more and more virtual sports like VR games played by Hong Kong people. They think playing virtual sports is better than playing real sports because they are very interesting and they can do sports at home. They even believe that they can replace real sports, but I disagree with this opinion.

First, people doing real sports can learn the actual skills but they cannot when doing virtual sports. Doing real sports is not like the virtual sports that they just play on the computer or television. You do not know how much force you need to kick the football to get a goal. Also, the difference between real sports and virtual sports is that you will think the programme of virtual sports has already been designed and the ways are easily found to win the game. However, in real sports it is not as easy. The opponent will see your action, then decide how to defend. As a result, doing virtual sports cannot help you to master these skills.

Second, doing real sports will help improve your health. If you always do sports, you will know that we can keep fit and be healthy. When you play the virtual sports such as basketball, can you run? Can you pass the ball to your teammates? No! You just shoot the ball again and again and the ball is not real! Also, if you do the virtual sports at home, you may easily get ill because you cannot breathe the fresh air and train your cardiovascular function. Therefore, doing real sports can let you have more oxygen and make you healthy.

Third, doing real sports can help you make more friends especially in the team sports. You will discover that you always play basketball with the strangers and then become friends after the match. You cannot do it at home when you are playing virtual sports. It is impossible to invite a stranger to play games at your home, as it is too dangerous!

Someone says that people doing real sports may get hurt but not when doing virtual sports. Actually, if you do some dangerous actions at home when you play the games, you may get hurt as well. However, you can avoid getting hurt when you know these are the dangerous sports games, so why don’t you avoid getting hurt when you do the real sports? It is because you just think you do not like playing real sports so you refuse to do so.

In conclusion, doing real sports is absolutely different from doing virtual sports and there are many skills and benefits that you cannot earn by playing virtual sports, like learning actual skills, improving your physical health and meeting new friends. All in all, doing virtual sports is obviously worse than doing real sports.