Funny Misunderstanding

Author: Xu Peilin, Paline
Class: 4B

It was a relaxing summer vacation and a hot sunny day. I was walking by the Peninsula Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui to enjoy the fresh air. It was a very early and quiet morning. Suddenly, there was an expensive sports car driving by me. When the car drove into the driveway, I was shocked to see my brother driving a Ferrari! The silence was broken by this shocking sight.

I walked up to him and tried talking to Peter, my brother. It was only a few days ago that he said he was looking for a job. Therefore, I was very confused and I wasn’t sure if I could trust him or not. At last, I decided to follow him the next day. I was desperate to find out the truth.

Next morning, I followed my brother to a park. It seemed like he was waiting for someone. After a few minutes, a skinny man dressed in black walked towards my brother. They just talked for about one minute and the man gave my brother some money. I rubbed my eyes. And then my brother took out a small bag from his pocket. Their action looked like they were dealing drugs in a movie scene. I could not believe my eyes. ‘Oh, no!’ I shouted. They turned to me, looking perplexed. Without hesitation, I ran away from the park.

I was dead worried. ‘Is my brother struggling to pay his car loan?’ I tried to look for some evidence from his bedroom. ‘What’s this?’ I wanted to open the heavy drawer.

There were many small bags containing some substance. ‘Hmmh, these look like the drugs my brother gave the pale man,’ I thought to myself. I was very disappointed with him. I felt lost, nervous and worried.

‘Do you want to taste it?’ someone asked me from my back. ‘No, I don’t want to try at all. It’s deadly!’ I shouted angrily at my brother. ‘What? The candies will make you die?’ My brother looked amused. I tried to smell the ‘drugs’; it had a sweet fragrance. ‘Oh, it’s Jelly Bean!’ I said excitedly. My brother explained to me seriously.

It turned out that my brother was helping his friends to sell the candies imported from foreign countries. And just because his friend felt sick and uncomfortable, Peter helped to drive the car.

Upon finding out the truth, I realized that we should not doubt others easily. What you see may only be the things on the surface. We must not jump into conclusions before we delve into the truth.