Author: Dorcas Wan Kwan Ching
Class: 4D

Nowadays, depression among students is very common in Hong Kong. Most people blame the education system for depression. The education system of Hong Kong is awful and students are proned to become a study machine. In the past years, many students chose to end their life as they bear severe depression on their studies. Therefore, I am going to talk about the experience of my friend who suffers from depression and the way she overcame it. I will also give advice on how to fight depression.

My friend Yoyo suffered from depression last year. She told me that the cause of her depression mainly came from school and family. At school, we got a lot of homework, quizzes, tests from different subjects. Students always finish their homework or studying in the mid-night. This is also the reason why Yoyo suffered from depression because of study stress. Then, another source of stress is from the family. The parents urge students to take extra lessons after school or at the weekends and it is no exception for Yoyo too.

To solve the problem of depression, Yoyo chose to talk to her family and she can form a study group with her classmates instead of taking extra lessons. Her family agreed to this suggestion. Now the number of extra classes decreases from 5 to 3. Meanwhile, if Yoyo is free, she may choose to go to the study group or not to increase the time for her to have rest but there is a condition that Yoyo must keep her result of exam to the top 40 of the form. Although it is difficult, Yoyo is glad that she can have more free time to do things that she likes.

In the wake of the experience of Yoyo, there are some other advice on how to fight depression. Setting a goal and striving to achieve that may make you more energetic to finish it. After that, I think taking on responsibilities can let you feel less pressurized than before. But I think the best way to fight depression is to try to have fun. While you get more fun, you will smile more. At the same time, you can forget the depression.

In conclusion, depression is not an incurable disease as people think. Just be joyful and keep a smile on your face. The most important point is to think optimistically so depression may not haunt on you. I hope the experience of my friend and the advice I have given are useful to you.