Creating a new festival – Freedom Day

Author: Chan Ka Yan
Class: 1D

What does freedom mean? People in New York have shown the answer. They celebrate the Freedom Day on 29th September every year. It’s the happiest day for people to spread the truth meaning of freedom. It’s also another way to encourage people to be positive about life, and try their best to live their lives to the fullest!

Freedom Day began in New York in 1989. The society at that time was complicated and unfair. Racial and sexual discrimination always happened and people were all suffering. Finally, people couldn’t tolerate it anymore. They want to spread the importance of fairness and the truth meaning of freedom to the city. They started the revolution on 29th September and this was how a remarkable story started.

On Freedom Day, people don’t need to go to school. In the morning, people all go out to the streets. Adults throw coloured powder to children and teenagers. The coloured powder is hard to clean as people want to remind their next generation that they should cherish the freedom they have now. People also invite some celebrities to have speeches and performances. At night, people celebrate by having colourful parade and a fireworks display. This lights up the whole city and it’s the best part of the day!

Nowadays, it’s not only just a way to spread the true meaning of freedom. It’s also a way to remind people to love each other whole-heartedly.