Clean Bathroom Festival

Author: Ye Zi Yao Zona
Class: 1B

Do you remember when was the last time you washed the bathroom? Do you think it’s important to wash the bathroom?

The name of the new festival is ‘Clean Bathroom Festival’. This festival is celebrated in bathrooms in Hong Kong. On the second Saturday of September each year, 13 to 18-year-old teenagers will clean the bathroom at their homes.

Why do they celebrate this festival? Bathrooms are very important to our life. Also, cleaning the bathrooms isn’t easy. Bathrooms consist of a lot of parts, such as toilet, washbasin and bathtub. I think teenagers have seldom or never tried cleaning the bathroom.

They clean the bathroom to celebrate this festival. Then, they compare with their neighbours’ to see who is doing better and they can exchange ideas of cleaning the bathroom. Finally, the teenagers will get some yellow fruits, such as durians or bananas because the Japanese bathroom’s God – Ususama-Myoo likes yellow fruits.