A Play Script-Misunderstanding

Author: Deng Jie Yi
Class: 2A

Scene 1: Evening in the kitchen

(Mrs. Lau sits at the dining-table and is reading Tom’s school report. Tom holds a basketball and goes into the kitchen.)

Mrs. Lau: (Angrily) What happened? Why did you have such a bad result in this exam?

Tom: (Head down) I tried my best…

Mrs. Lau: (Quickly interrupts) Tried your best? I don’t want to hear this nonsense! You are NOT allowed to play basketball this week!

Tom: (Loudly) But you promised me that I can play basketball after the exam! You can’t do that!

Mrs. Lau: (Even louder) Shut up! Go back to your bedroom and do your homework now!

(Tom goes to his bedroom unhappily)

Scene 2: On Saturday afternoon, in the sitting room.

(While Mrs. Lau is reading a newspaper, somebody knocks on the door. Then, she goes to open the door.)

Mrs. Lau: (Surprised) Oh! Good afternoon, Miss Chan.

Miss Chan: (with a smile) Good afternoon, Mrs. Lau.

(Mrs. Lau invites Miss Chan into the room.)

Miss Chan: I’d like to talk to you about Tom. He’s a good boy. He works very hard in school. Also, he plays basketball very well! Our school basketball team won the champion this year!

Mrs. Lau: (Quickly interrupts) Wait! You mean he’s been working hard?

Miss Chan: (Excitedly) YES! He works very hard in school. He said he didn’t want to disappoint his mother.

Mrs. Lau: (Talk to herself) Oh! I misunderstood him.

(At that moment, Tom comes out from his bedroom.)

Tom: Good afternoon, Miss Chan.

Miss Chan: Good afternoon, Tom. (Looks at Mrs. Lau and encourages her to say sorry to Tom)

Mrs. Lau: I’m sorry, Tom. (Hugs Tom) I misunderstood you!

Tom: Never mind, Mum. I know it was just a misunderstanding.

(Mrs. Lau and Tom hug each other)