A mysterious story – 2D

Author: Lo Kin Tik
Class: 2D

Adam lives in a poor village in the New Territories. One day, Adam and his dad went to a landfill and searched for some useful things. Adam found a weird green box. He thought that was useful for them to contain some stuffs. Therefore, they took it back home.

After a while, Adam opened the box.

‘Oh, my goodness!’ said Adam anxiously.

He saw a green, slimy and disgusting ball-like creature inside. He was shocked. The creature knew how to speak and move. His dad told him to throw it away. However, Adam wanted to keep it and be friend with it. He hid the box. He only took it out when his dad went to work. After a few weeks, his dad discovered that Adam hid the creature. Being extremely angry, his dad grabbed the creature and threw it back to the landfill.

Adam cried so hard. The creature was the only one who played, chatted and accompanied him. He even named it ‘Green’. He quickly ran back to the landfill and searched for Green. Unexpectedly, his dad brought it back home and meant to hide it until Adam’s birthday. Adam had been searching for Green for the whole afternoon. He was very tired, and he blamed his dad. His dad wanted to give it back to Adam on his birthday.

‘I will give you something good on your birthday, Adam,’ said his dad seriously.

‘You have said it for five years already. You have never given me anything!’ said Adam loudly.

On his birthday, Adam went to school like how his usually did. When he went back home, he saw Green on his table. He was so pleased. His dad wasn’t at home. Adam regretted that he blamed his dad. After two months, Green suddenly ran out of Adam’s home. Adam followed it and it brought him back to the landfill. He saw a UFO there. Green stared at Adam. Its eyes were spreading out tears.

‘It’s time for me to go back to my planet, Adam. Thank you for bringing me so many happy memories!’ said Green with a dedicated voice.

After a year, Adam went back to the landfill and looked for some useful materials. He found the green box again but Green was not inside. He looked back and something hit his head……