A letter to the Editor

Author: Kami Chung
Class: 3D

Dear Editor,

Have you ever seen a real dolphin which is pink in colour?

I am writing to express my concerns about the habitat loss of Chinese white dolphin. It hurts my heart every time I see a Chinese white dolphin lying dead on the beach in Hong Kong on the news. Thanks to the development of coastal area, the number of dolphins in the wild has decreased to around 2500. If we allow the coastal development to continue, the Chinese white dolphin will become extinct before long.

To put an end to this harmful practice and help conserve the Chinese white dolphin, it is essential that governments impose strict laws to protect the sea and punish the people who polluted the ocean where the dolphins live. It is true that although Chinese white dolphins are known as critically endangered, people still do not take enough actions to protect them. When will the public realise that the Chinese white dolphins are going to be extinct? Admittedly, numerous wildlife organisations around the world have been working very hard to save the Chinese white dolphin from becoming extinct and their living area. I honestly believe that protecting the sea is not only the governments’ responsibility, but people also need to co-operate with the government. If people keep polluting the sea, the habitat of the Chinese white dolphin will become awful.

The Chinese white dolphin is in danger of extinction because of people’s ignorance and greed. Due to overfishing, the amount of fish in the sea decreased sharply. As a result, dolphins do not have enough food to eat. Many dolphins died because of starving. If we still do not take action, without a doubt, the Chinese white dolphins will disappear in the near future. How many years will there be before we see the end of the wonderful Chinese white dolphin? Not long I guess, unless the laws can be set up to protect them.

Yours faithfully

Chris Wong